The 3rd “Hello Metanet!” – Workshop was a huge success

The third workshop in the “Hello Metanet!” series took place at the end of February.

The “Hello Metanet!” – Workshop is aimed at BitcoinSV enthusiasts and interested parties with the goal of learning together, discussing and having fun as a pleasant side effect. To achieve this, it is important to not only have technically competent participants, but to bring together people with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

After the first two workshops had already been very well received by the participants, this workshop also got excitingly good feedback. One participant even said it  was “better than CambrianSV“, which of course made us bursting with pride.

Although “Hello Metanet!” started as a predominantly german event, it has become international since the second workshop. The third workshop was also attended by participants from all over the world: Belgium, USA, Cyprus, Australia and even Japan were represented. This brought an interesting collection of profiles to Berlin:Besides

  • all well-known in the Bitcoin SV world, there were participants from the media environment, entrepreneurs, consultants, project managers and of course many application developers.

    As always, getting to know and meeting each other was important. Therefore, at the beginning of the workshop the participants introduced themselves briefly and explained which topics they are interested in working on.

    Immediately afterwards we took a deep dive: Brendan explained how Bitcoin Script works, David introduced Kronoverse, the gaming platform, and Adrian Jäger explained the basics of his development platform “Hypergalaxy”, which makes software development for runonbitcoin much easier.

    The presentations were profound and extremely informative, and those who paid close attention might have had multiple “eureka” experiences, such as in Brendan Lee’s presentation on Bitcoin scripts. It’s unbelievable how much this central aspect of Bitcoin has been neglected over the years. Even today, we are only touching the tip of the iceberg – at best.

    After this warm-up phase, we moved on to the intentionally unplanned part of the workshop: The participants came together in groups to work on topics together. These groups formed spontaneously, changed again and again, everyone helped everyone to overcome problems or clarify questions. There were many discussions in different groupings, which looks chaotic, but once again proved to be very effective and useful.

    The following days went on similarly: In the morning a common breakfast in B2029 – we see here how Brendan masters the “german breakfast challenge”, a roll with “Hackepeter” (raw ground pork), with enthusiasm – then a short talk to activate the brains,

    and then off to free-flowing learning and working mode.

    A lunch together followed by a short talk against the “food coma” (did not work for everyone …), and then continue in free flow.

    und weiter im free flow.

    And of course, there was no shortage of fun: in the evening, music turned on, glasses were filled with wine and beer, and discussions about god and the world set in. On the second evening we went out for dinner together and some of us explored Berlin’s nightlife.


    At the end of the workshop, the various groups presented their impressive results:

    • The first presentation explained how to solve the 21e8-PoW puzzles contained in transactions. This topic is currently the big hype in the Bitcoin SV world: it is based on the idea of sorting content according to proof of work and thus creating an alternative way to find interesting and valid content on the Internet (Google, here we come!)
    • Afterwards Stefan Landrock, co-founder of B2029, presented a business model for the valorisation of digital art, which is based on giving artworks a fixed minimum value with a UTXO.
    • Christoph Bergmann (author of the very well knownmost famous german Bitcoin blog, and co-founder of B2029) explained how Ken Sato and he managed to use the MedioPay-Plugin for WordPress with Ken Sato’s Stablecoins on the Testnet. MedioPay is a WordPress plugin for PayWalls that can be paid with Bitcoin SV.
    • The last presentation was by David Case (Kronoverse): He demonstrated a board game (“Tic-Tac-Toe”), where the game logic was programmed with runonbitcoin, but the players communicate the moves via _unwriter’sOverpool“. This might be the first practical offchain application for Bitcoin SV!

    It became clear that since the first workshopover time, the topics covered in “Hello Metanet!” have increased both in complexity and scope: While in the first workshop we were mostly busy exploring the abysses of _unwriter’s toolbox, this time we discussed business models and explored many different technologies and tools. Much of what we had to struggle to understand in the beginning become part of our standard tools.

    So it was a successful weekend, and the participants went home feeling happy and with a small farewell gift, a physical Bitcoin.

    The next “Hello Metanet!” – workshop is planned (if Corona allows it) for the end of May/beginning of June.

    Many thanks to the Bitcoin Association for their kind support!

    B2029 Team

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